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Coastal and Marine Environment

In terms of sustainable development goals, coastal and marine environment adaptation builds appropriate preventative infrastructure or mechanisms to reduce coastal disasters. It also enhances coastal disaster and marine change monitoring and warning to reduce climate change impact. Relevant strategies and measures are as follows:

Coastal and Marine Environment

According to Article 19, Paragraph 4 of the “Climate Change Response Act,” central industry competent authorities responsible for areas vulnerable to the impacts of climate change are to formulate adaptation action program performance reports yearly and submit them to the central competent authority, which shall report to the Executive Yuan for approval. Once approved, the reports shall be published.

The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) and the Oceans Affairs Council (OAC) are the central industry competent authorities for coastal and marine environment, an area vulnerable to climate change impacts. Supporting government agencies of the agricultural production and biodiversity adaptation action program shall submit priority action plan result or progress reports yearly to the MOI and OAC, which shall consolidate them into an area performance report and submit it to the competent authority (MOENV) by the designated deadline. The MOENV shall consolidate the coastal and marine environment report with other areas' reports to produce the yearly performance report for national adaptation plans, which shall be reviewed, published, and submitted to the National Council for Sustainable Development for evaluation.

Supporting government agencies of the coastal and marine environment adaptation action program shall continuously track the status of individual adaptation action plans. Once a plan is completed, it shall be terminated and agencies shall completely review the adaptation strategies' emphasis and direction, add, remove, or revise proposed priority action plans, and regularly submit the aforementioned reports. The central competent authority (MOENV) shall convene an inter-ministerial negotiation every six months to discuss key issues, propose effective measures, and implement adaptation strategy monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to ensure adjustments are being made on a rolling basis.

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