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Responding to the international trend of net-zero emissions and global environmental changes, the President announced the amendment of the "Greenhouse Gas Management Act" to the "Climate Change Response Act" on February 15, 2023. This amendment aims to strengthen the legal foundation for climate action in our country, align with the 2050 net-zero emissions goal, develop climate change adaptation strategies, reduce and manage greenhouse gas emissions, fulfill our shared responsibility to protect Earth, and ensure the sustainable development of the nation.

On May 9 of the same year, Legislative Yuan passed the third legislative reading on the Organizational Act of the Ministry of Environment and set up a third level central organ, including the Climate Change Administration (hereafter referred to as "the Administration") and was promulgated by the President on May 24, 2023. According to the Organizational Act, the purpose of the Administration is to strengthen the policies development, promotion, and implementation, and to ensure the implementation of periodic regulatory goals. In response to international carbon border mechanism and the trend of carbon reduction in the supply chain, the Administration shall be promoting carbon pricing, strengthening the carbon verification mechanism, seeking carbon reduction technologies and strategies to reach net-zero by 2050.

The mission of the Administration are as follows:

  1. Development and supervision of climate change related policies and regulations.
  2. Development, promotion, coordination and implementation of the net-zero emissions pathway and national periodic regulatory goals.
  3. Development, promotion, implementation and supervision for policies and regulations of greenhouse gas reduction.
  4. Development, promotion, implementation and coordinating of climate change adaptation policies.
  5. Development, promotion and implementation of greenhouse gas inventory, carbon pricing and trading systems related regulations.
  6. Participation, coordination, and promotion of international conventions and related affairs of climate change.
  7. Planning and promotion of the application for mitigation and adaptation technologies of climate change.
  8. Receipt/payout, safekeeping and utilization of the Greenhouse Gas Management Fund.
  9. Other matters related to climate change.
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