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Climate Change Response Policies

The “Climate Change Response Act,” promulgated on Feb. 15, 2023, defines Taiwan's Net Zero Emissions by 2050 goal, and five-year periodic regulatory goals are set to attain it. To achieve net zero transition, the government puts emphasis on both reduction and adaptation, regularly reviewing and formulating action guidelines for the national response to climate change. Central industry competent authorities formulate correspondent sectoral greenhouse gas reduction action programs and adaptation action programs for climate impact areas under their respective jurisdictions, which are submitted to central competent authorities for reporting to the Executive Yuan for approval and subject to rolling reviews. The programs are supported by local government-formulated greenhouse gas reduction action programs and climate change adaptation implement programs, which consolidate communication mechanisms laterally and vertically, interdisciplinarily promoting greenhouse gas reduction and climate change adaptation capability building and creating shared benefits through social, economic, environmentally sustainable developments as well as protection of citizens' health.

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