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Net-Zero Emissions Promotion Division
  1. Remittance, management and evaluation of administrative plans and programs
  2. Development, promotion and coordination of the National Climate Change Action Guideline and greenhouse gas-related action plans for addressing climate change
  3. Planning, promotion, coordination and implementation of National Long-term Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals Periodic Regulatory Goals
  4. Development, promotion, coordination and implementation of National Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory, National Communication; establishment and drafting of Waste Sector emission management results
  5. Deliberation and addressing of the legislations, appeals and state compensation affairs
  6. Planning, promotion and management of information application services, application environment and information security of the division
  7. Others related to net zero emissions.
Emissions Management Division
  1. Monitoring of greenhouse gas emission sources, reporting, analysis, and registration of emissions, planning, devising, promoting, coordinating, and implementing the carbon footprint verification and management.
  2. Planning, devising, and promoting the management policies and regulations for greenhouse gas inspection agencies.
  3. Manage of greenhouse gas certification agencies.
  4. Planning, devising, promoting, implementing, and supervising greenhouse gas efficiency standards.
  5. Promoting and implementing of greenhouse gas reduction strategies by the environmental department.
  6. Coordinating and supervising of greenhouse gas reduction strategies in the construction and transportation sectors.
  7. Supervising of greenhouse gas reduction implementation programs.
  8. Planning, promoting, implementing, and supervising of product carbon footprint reporting.
  9. Drafting, reviewing, approving, managing, promoting, implementing, and supervising regulations on carbon footprint.
  10. Others related to emission management.
Emissions Reduction and Trading Division
  1. Drafting, reviewing, checking, promoting, coordinating, implementing and supervising laws and regulations for voluntary greenhouse gas reduction projects.
  2. Examination and verification of enterprises applying for preferential rate reduction plans.
  3. Planning, research, promotion, coordination and execution of greenhouse gas cap control and emission trading.
  4. Development and promotion of regulations on management of greenhouse gas swaps and transactions.
  5. Construction, management and execution of greenhouse gas emission management, offset and trading information platform.
  6. Research, analysis and implementation of the international cooperation reduction mechanism.
  7. Others related to reduction promotion.
Adaptation Resilience Division
  1. Planning, promotion, coordination and implementation of climate change adaptation policies, regulations, action projects and action plans.
  2. Monitoring of climate change adaptation action plan.
  3. Planning, promotion, coordination and implementation of climate scenario risk assessment.
  4. Planning, promotion and coordination of climate change mitigation, technology for adaptation, risk assessment and measures on resilience and adaptation.
  5. Planning, promotion, implementation and guidance of Low carbon and sustainable homeland.
  6. Studying, planning, promotion, review and coordination of carbon dioxide capture and storage; coordination and monitoring of natural carbon sinks.
  7. Planning, promotion and implementation of climate change education.
  8. Planning, promotion and implementation of resilience of vulnerable groups in the face of climate change.
  9. Others related to adaptation and resilience.
Carbon Fee Promotion Division
  1. Planning, research, promotion and implementation of carbon fee collection policies, systems and regulations.
  2. Planning, deliberation, implementation and supervision of the income and expenditure, storage and use of the Greenhouse Gas Management Fund.
  3. Planning, research, promotion, implementation and supervision of greenhouse gas management fund incentives and subsidies.
  4. Others related to carbon fee promotion.
International Affairs Division
  1. Participation in relevant meetings and activities of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
  2. Promotion and implementation of the pathway to greenhouse gas net-zero emissions.
  3. Coordination and collection of Key Strategies to net-zero emissions.
  4. Planning, promotion, coordination and implementation of response measures for carbon border adjustment mechanisms (CBAM).
  5. Organization, facilitation, coordination and execution of international cooperation efforts on climate change.
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