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Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting System


Reason for creation:

The system consolidates greenhouse gas emission amount inventory and verification. Regulated businesses may report yearly greenhouse gas emission information through a single portal, while the system also lists information such as MOENV-approved accreditation and verification bodies for businesses to query. Additionally, the system provides the "Guidelines for Greenhouse Gas Emission Measuring," "Calculation Tool," and "Greenhouse Gas Inventory Registration Form" for businesses' greenhouse gas inventory needs.


Businesses required by the MOENV to report and undergo greenhouse gas emission examination, local environmental protection authorities, and other parties related to the greenhouse gas emission examination and auditing works. The system also provides relevant information on greenhouse gas examination to the public.

Core works:

Provide yearly greenhouse gas emissions data as reported by businesses. Additionally, provide to the public total greenhouse gas emission by businesses registered with the MOENV.

Service highlight:

Consolidates businesses' yearly greenhouse gas emission data for public access.


greenhouse gas emission examination, greenhouse gas examination organization

Mandatory Greemhouse Gas Reporting System
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